The CHAINSMOKERS Tour 2019: Dates, Concerts, Tickets




The Chainsmokers are really famous when it comes to remixing songs. Different trends of music had been captivating the attention of all people nowadays most especially the younger ones and one of them is remix songs.  The Chainsmokers is composed of two members namely; Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. Both have their own distinctive roles and needless to say, their collaboration is just amazing. The Chainsmokers had been in the industry before Drew and Alex met, which means they are not the original members. Only Alex is the original member and then Drew replaced DJ Rhett Bixler from the group. If you are into disco and remix music, then this duo is probably familiar to you.

Looking back at how these two personalities lived their life before they joined The Chainsmokers, it’s as if they were into music way before The Chainsmokers was discovered. Alexander Pall or is commonly known as Alex took up Art History and Music Business in New York University. He is already a DJ before and was working in an Art Gallery as well in Manhattan before he met Drew. He is a talented composer and his compositions really helped a lot with the career of The Chainsmokers making it one of the most famous EDM and remix songs maker of all times. This 33-year-old guy is the son of an art dealer and a housewife.  Andrew Taggart, on the other hand, is the son of a teacher and his father is a seller of prosthetics. He was and born and raised in Freeport, Maine and is 29 years old already. Taggart was introduced to EDM music at a very young age. Back when he was 15 years old, he joined electronic dance music when he was in Argentina. It is during that time as well that he was introduced to David Guetta music and some other singers.  Taggart went to Syracuse University and was currently working as an intern in Interscope records before he started his career with The Chainsmokers. Taggart was informed by someone about The Chainsmoker and that they are looking for someone to replace the spot of DJ Bhixler. Taggart had left his life in Maine and flew to New York to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity for him. Both of them share the same role as a producer and is working hand on hand for the mixing, programming and mastering the songs. Both of them participates in the writing part but it is Taggart who is the primary songwriter of the band.

The Chainsmokers was reformed in 2012 with its new member Andrew Taggart and the original member Alexander Pall. They are under the management of Adam Alpert and they were reformed as an EDM DJ duo. They initially started by doing remixes of indie bands. Priyanka Chopra had worked with them in the single “Erase” in 2012 which was followed by another single titled “The Rookie” the following year. The duo had their first live performance as the opening for the band Timeflies way back September 2014. The Chainsmokers had collaborated with several recording artists and most of the remix songs was a hit. The remix of “Medicine” by Daughter was released April 2013 and it hit the first spot on HypeMachine.  However, it is their single “#Selfie” that had led them to their breakthrough in the music industry. The single “#Selfie” was initially released for free but it was re-released by Dim Mak Records and was then streamed to Republic Records. It was during that time then that the biggest change in the career of The Chainsmokers had just happened. Their single “#Selfie” became very famous that it was charted internationally and landed on a top spot on the Dance/Electronic Song. The duo was astounded of how far did their single “#Selfie” reached and considered it as one of the most life-changing events of their lives. A couple of songs was released by the band and all of them had left a mark to their listeners. They then signed a contract with Disruptor Records and joined a venture label as of April 2015 with Sony Music Entertainment. The career of The Chainsmokers continues to grow and they had released many hit singles since then.

The Chainsmokers had built a name already in the music industry and they still continue to impress the world with their music. They already released EP’s and albums and had been featured to different events. A lot of artists had been featured in their music’s and they had collaborated with different artist all throughout their music career. The Chainsmokers was nominated for several awarding bodies and had received several awards already. American Music Awards had nominated The Chainsmokers several times  under different categories and had won “Favorite electronic/dance music artist award” for the year 2016 and 2017. And just last year three of their songs had won the “Most Performed Song” award from ASCAP music awards. Those songs are “Something Just Like This (ft. Coldplay), Closer (ft. Halsey), and Paris”. The band also has a lot of nomination and had won several awards from iHeart Radio Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. More awards were given to them but what highlights the most is their Grammy nominations and award. They had four Grammy nominations so far and their single “Don’t let me down” had won “Best Dance Recording Award” from Grammy year 2017. Winning Grammy is a big achievement from any artist. They did not only rock the US but was also acknowledged by several international awarding bodies including MTV Italia Awards and MTV Video Music Japan.


If you are a fan, then this news is good for you. The Chainsmokers will have a lot of concert tours this year and they will visit different states all over the US. They will have a tour in different locations all over Las Vegas, Nevada for the month of May and June and then they will resume August until December. They will start their August tour in Chicago, Illinois and will move to different states after that. Their last stop on December will be in Vancouver, BC. They will visit different states each month. All scheduled tours for The Chainsmokers is listed on this website including the exact location and the concert details. You can also book your tickets here and make seat reservations and parking lot reservations depending on the venue. The Chainsmokers will rock the world with their music and it is an event no one would want to miss. A lot of fans are looking forward to these events and for sure a lot of people will attend their concerts.

Different songs will be featured during their concerts and for sure most of their fans had been anticipating as to what songs will be played during the event. It is expected for the single “ Don’t let me down” to be included on the list because this song is indeed famous and even won a Grammy award. Another possible song is “Closer” because this one had received several awards both local and international. Those songs mentioned are really good so regardless if they had awards or not, the band would not really miss to sing it on their concert events. For sure The Chainsmokers will surprise their fans with the list of songs that they will play during their concerts.